The sacred place of "Slam Dunk"! The Enoden / Kamakura High School Level Crossing is a popular photo spot for Taiwanese

Kanokura High School-mae Station

Enoden is a popular tourist route in Shonan. There is “Kamakura High School Mae Station” in the middle of the line connecting Fujisawa and Kamakura.

When you get off the platform, the blue sea of Shonan spreads out in front of you. Shichirigahama on the front, Miura Peninsula on the left, Enoshima on the right. Kamakura High School Mae Station, which is close to the sea so that you can hear the sound of waves, is one of the best scenic stations in Enoden, which was selected as one of the 100 Best Stations in Kanto.

Stations so close to the sea are rare in the Kanto area, and many people get off to see the station itself. Sitting on a bench at your home, you can also enjoy a relaxing view of the blue sea spreading out in front of you.

The pilgrimage of “Slam Dunk”! Kamakura High School Railroad Crossing is very popular with Taiwanese
In recent years, the number of Taiwanese tourists getting off at Kamakura High School Mae Station has increased rapidly. The purpose of this is “Kamakura High School Mae No. 1 Railroad Crossing”, about 100m east of the station. This small railroad crossing against the blue sea is the place that will appear in the opening scene of the anime “Slam Dunk”, which gained popularity in the 1990s!

The main character, Sakuragi Hanamichi, standing in front of a railroad crossing with a bag in hand. When Enoden passes, the heroine Haruko Akagi is across the railroad crossing. When I was a kid, Taiwanese young people in their 20s and 30s who watched the scene many times on TV visited the “Holy Land” railway crossing as if they were recalling the excitement of that time. is.

It is a classic among Taiwanese people, like the Sakuragi Hanamichi in the anime, to shoot a back view with the bag on the shoulders against the background of the railroad crossing. There are some people who wear “Slam Dunk” basketball uniforms to shoot, and you can see the seriousness of Taiwanese people.
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Kazumo Nagashima, rage of foreign tourists' “Frustration on Mt. Fuji” “Get out of Japan early”


Reiho Fuji, which has been selected as a World Heritage site, is said to have been experiencing annoying acts by foreign tourists.

30th late-night broadcast “Sawakaku! In the “Junichi Ichimo Chisako-no-kai” (TV Asahi series), Ishige Nagashima, Yoshizumi Ishihara, and Chisako Takashima have complained about the problem.

■ Oshino Hakkai Thrown Problem

The topic is “The Throwing Problem” of the world cultural heritage, Konoike in Oshino Hakkai, where the melting water from Mt. Fuji emerges as a pure spring water.

In China and other countries, there is a culture of throwing money into a pond, and the amount of money thrown into a pond becomes more common as more than 1,500 coins are collected in a single cleaning. It is regarded as a problem because of its influence or the destruction of nature such as drastically reducing aquatic plants.

■ Climbing style with high risk of distress

Foreign tourists visiting Mt. Fuji from all over the world. There are many foreigners aiming at the summit with sandals and shirtless light clothing in summer, but the problem was especially in winter.

In winter, the situation is even harsher, and Mt. Fuji is challenged by skilled climbers who are fully equipped. Due to the dangers, the mountain climbing route is closed, and foreign tourists climb without permission even in situations where mountain climbing is not allowed without applying to the police.

Yoshizumi, who knows the dangers of Mt. Fuji, gets tired of reckless foreign tourists, saying, “You can't go up but you have to go to help,” “The situation at the 5th climb is too different from the situation above. It ’s better to show it. ”

Takashima pointed out that foreigners who climbed without worrying about being `` licking small Japanese people who are inferior in physical strength '', made a fear video of distress, `` I can not help other than Japanese people '' Insist that the attitude should be shown. Ichimo et al. Convinced me that it was a real argument.

■ Ishige “Leave Japan from Japan”

Throws that do not fit even if a warning is given with a signboard. Based on the premise that this act is related to nature destruction, Ishige is angry that "This is a fine. The fine for violation of the Cultural Property Protection Law should be clearly indicated on the signboard."

Although Yoshizumi developed his theory that there was no illness due to cultural differences, he argued that “I can't do it even if it ’s ill,” Ishimo disagrees. He admits the trend in his country, but stresses that it is natural to match the manners of the country he visited, saying, "This is Japan." He said, “Get out early (from Japan)”.

■ 30% are "joyful to increase foreign tourists"

Previously, the Shirubee editorial department surveyed 1,362 men and women in their 20s and 60s nationwide, and 30% of the respondents answered that they are more than happy that the number of foreign tourists will increase. .


The increase in foreign tourists will bring great benefits to the Japanese economy. However, the fact that the above-mentioned problems are occurring frequently due to the increase in the number of nearby and uninhabited tourists is also a reality.

The number of foreign tourists will increase for the Tokyo Olympics. At that time, it is unlikely that the problems will arise and how they should be solved.
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“I don't want foreign tourists to come” Kyoto, Gion “Unauthorized photography on private roads is 10,000 yen”… Local phone

Shooting without permission will be charged 10,000 yen

Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, where you can experience shrines and temples, the cityscape, culture, and entertainment unique to Japan.

In particular, many foreign tourists visit Gion in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, where the cityscapes of the ancient city of Kyoto are lined up.


Gion is visited by a large number of tourists, but the Gion-machi south district council has decided to ban unauthorized photography on private roads around Hanamikoji Street around Gion on the 25th and urged not to take pictures A sign was installed.

In the south of Gion-cho, there have been many violations of manners such as taking pictures of the streets, taking pictures of maiko, and taking pictures without permission of private houses. Until now, foreign tourists who couldn't follow good manners have been appealed to raise awareness of good manners, but they didn't work.

The new signage also says in English and Chinese that "Unauthorized photography costs 10,000 yen." If a private road photo shoot is found, the photographer will be charged 10,000 yen, but it is not legally binding.


While benefiting from the increase in the number of foreign tourists, while the negative impact of “overtourism” caused by a larger number of people than expected is also a problem, the editorial department previously covered the efforts of Kyoto City.
(Reference article: "Overtourism" that falls due to the increase in foreign tourists ... I asked Kyoto City to protect local residents)

I wonder if these efforts were not effective and made this decision. I asked the Gion Town South District Council.

There is no plan to collect 10,000 yen on the signboard !?

-Why did you decide to ban photography on private roads?

The council has implemented various measures proposed by its members against the nuisance of foreign tourists, which has increased rapidly in recent years. However, there are no successful examples of effective countermeasures. This time as well as part of the countermeasures. If there is no effect, you can stop it.

-What is the reaction of residents about this decision?

The residents of the district and commercial establishments have not had a good impression on tourists since before, and we have not heard any objection to date regarding this measure.

-Who has paid 10,000 yen so far? Was there anyone who was charged?

There is no plan to collect 10,000 yen from the beginning. However, there are a lot of relevant tourists.

-Why is it written on the signboard saying "Unauthorized photography will be charged 10,000 yen" even though there is no plan to collect 10,000 yen?

I do n’t know if it ’s effective, but I think it ’s a deterrent.

-"I will receive 10,000 yen" is not legally binding, but do you think it will be effective?

For now, foreign tourists who have seen the high bill seem to refrain from taking pictures.

-How do you spend the money you collect?

I don't intend to collect it, and of course I don't use it.


Previously installed signboards
"I don't want foreign tourists to come"

--- How many places are there "10,000 yen for photography without permission"?

On the 25th, only one will be installed for the media, and a total of 4 will be installed in the future.

-Is it OK to take photos on public roads?

Public roads are OK.However, foreign tourists cannot distinguish between public and private roads.

ー ー Do you not want tourists to come too much as the Gion-machi south district council?

It is the recognition of all members of the council that the area is not a tourist destination but a commercial place (about 300 people living or operating in the area). Therefore, there are no stores for tourists.I think it's honest that I don 't want you to come.

-What do you want to appeal to tourists?

I think the consensus is "I don't want foreign tourists to come".

He said that he would not actually charge 10,000 yen, but he decided to install a new signboard in anticipation of deterrence against nuisance that could not be easily improved.
Inbound is important when considering Japan, but if you allow foreign tourists to do anything they can't coexist with local residents.
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Difficulty for returning to overseas, such as hotels, where visitors are left behind

As the number of foreign visitors (inbound) increases, the number of forgotten items and lost items has increased rapidly. Contents vary from wallets containing the currency of each country to smartphones, food and souvenirs. There is also a trial calculation of more than 10 million items left over from accommodations nationwide. The process of searching for the owner and shipping it overseas is cumbersome, and the collected hotels have trouble handling it.


“Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro” (Toyoshima, Tokyo) has many visitors to Japan. In a room about 1 tatami on the 9th floor of the annex where a switchboard is placed, there are piles of clothes cases containing items such as watches, wallets, and clothes. “Over 80% is for foreign visitors to Japan,” said Maiko Sato. There are about 80 items left a month, and if there is a request from the owner, it is mailed overseas, but it is said that there are few contacts.

Even if contact is made, there are few carriers that handle cash on delivery overseas. It is necessary to check the contents and the presence of dangerous goods when shipping at cost. “Even if one of the cosmetics inside the cosmetic pouch is missed, it will be redone. The hurdles are higher than Japanese forgotten items, and the burden on the business is heavy.”

Logistics management company “OSS” (Osaka City), which started “International Delivery Service for Lost Items”, which undertakes shipping of lost items etc. in 2017, has over 10 million items left for visitors to Japan every year. To calculate. According to the person in charge, tens of pieces are sent out from more than 1,000 lodging facilities nationwide every day, the person in charge said, “Several hundreds a month until last year. I also shipped 1,000.

Lost items stand out even in rental cars and trains. At Times Car Haneda (Haneda, Tokyo) near Haneda Airport, about half of forgotten items belong to visitors. If there is an inquiry from the owner, staff who can speak English will contact you by email, but it is particularly troublesome to use portable Wi-Fi borrowed in Japan. “When we leave the country, we have no choice but to return it,” the clerk often brings to the owner's store.

At Keikyu Lost Things Center established in Yokohama City in 2016 by Keikyu Corporation, forgotten items such as passports and envelopes with Japanese yen that seems to have been exchanged are conspicuous. There is no request for shipping from overseas, but the person in charge said, “Forgotten items of visitors to Japan have increased in recent years. (In preparation for shipping requests from overseas) Hurry for payment of mailing fee and identification method etc. I want to consider it. "

According to the National Police Agency, about 28.82 million items were found delivered to the police in 2017. Due to the rapid increase in visitors to Japan, it has more than doubled over the past decade. There are increasing reports of suitcases and other items at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Lost and Found Center in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, where approximately 900,000 items arrived at police boxes in Tokyo. The person in charge says, “I don't have statistics, but the number of foreigners who come to pick up lost items is increasing.”

In order to secure storage space, the police are promoting a “special facility occupant” system that allows storage of lost items other than police stations such as stations and department stores. Within the Metropolitan Police Department jurisdiction, 20 facilities of 11 companies such as department stores and railway companies have already been designated. The Metropolitan Police Department official said, "I want to call each business operator to increase the number of facilities."
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Rugby World Cup, foreign fans prank on the train


[October 6th AFP]
While the Rugby World Cup 2019 (Rugby World Cup 2019) is showing excitement, public manners are extremely important for the nuisance behavior of some foreign fans who enjoy the human pyramids and rugby pretend on the train Voices of criticism are rising among Japanese host countries and Japanese people.

Two weeks have passed since the opening of the tournament. The popularity of rugby has started in Japan, and foreign teams and their fans have been greeted with a warm welcome in Japan.

On the other hand, some foreign rugby fans who have gone too far are buying acts on the Internet or being criticized by the media for acts contrary to Japanese social norms that require order.

For example, in the train of Sapporo City Subway Toho Line, there are 6 groups of foreigners wearing shirts from Australia's Wallabies who make and assemble a human pyramid. A Japanese user who posted this video on Twitter commented, “If you got on the Toho Line, it was n’t Japan.” The video was viewed nearly 300,000 times. There are many critical comments such as “just annoying acts” and “the shame of traveling is an insult to the country we visited”.

The human pyramid is not the only nuisance that attracts attention. Foreign fans sitting on the floor in the train are also spreading videos of crowdsurfing, where several people support and move the male body above their heads, and videos of supporters singing loudly.

In addition, a video of foreign fans passing a yellow ball on the train and tackling rugby such as "Do not do it in the train. This is foreign Japan." “Please come after studying,” while comments such as “I can forgive you because you can laugh.”

Japanese media jumped into this turmoil and was featured on TV as “Rugby fans make trains dangerous”.

Officials have explained that the rules prohibiting other passengers from being annoying are provided for the safety and comfort of all passengers.

However, positive reports and emotions as a whole exceed the criticism of this Rugby World Cup, host country Japan, foreign teams and foreign fans who came to Japan. The venue was full even in the games between the lower ranking countries, and it was further spurred by the fact that Japan won a dramatic victory over a superior Irish opponent.

The foreign teams have adopted Japanese customs such as bowing to the fans after the game and cleaning the locker room, and they are praised by the Japanese.
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Used heavy equipment auction! Foreigners gather in Sanmu, Chiba

September 16, 2019 broadcast of Ariyoshi's money discovery and how foreign tourists know how to use money was introduced.

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics next year,
Changes in the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan over the past five years
It has tripled from 10.36 million in 2013 to 31.19 million in 2018.

As a result, the amount of money foreigners spend in Japan continues to increase.
Now it is over 4,518.9 billion yen per year.

Use of money for foreign tourists

The sight of foreign tourists exploding at drugstores and home appliance mass retailers
As I often see, various genres other than souvenirs by foreigners
It seems that explosive purchases are taking place.


Used heavy equipment auction! Foreigners gather in Sanmu, Chiba

Now, foreigners are inundated in search of Japanese used heavy machinery.

Foreigners who were interviewed

And multinational.

The 2002 excavator started at 2.5 million yen and was awarded a bid of 4.7 million yen.

It was a 2005 made crane car that was awarded the highest price in this auction.

The winning bid is a surprising 24.8 million yen!

This time, 616 heavy machines were sold out and sold out in just two days.
The total amount of the successful bid is 2.2 billion yen.

If a successful bidder in Australia buys a new heavy machine for a new bid, it costs over 20 million yen
In this auction, it was said that it is advantageous because it can be bought for 2 to 3 million yen.

Also, if you came from Fiji, this trip cost about 500,000 yen
He was able to get enough money because he could buy heavy machinery cheaply.

What is Used in Japan?

Why come to Japan to buy it?

In the story of foreigners participating in the auction

・ Used in Japan

That's why.

“Used in Japan” is a term for products used in Japan.
Used in Japan itself is a brand among foreigners.

・ The machine used in Japan is well-maintained, so you can rest assured


-Heavy machinery used in Japan = good performance and well maintained

So it seems that it is quite trusted.

Why can you sell it even though it's a pretty old season?

Auction participants from Bangladesh

・ If it is the latest heavy equipment, the computer is too complicated to repair in Bangladesh

In addition, auction participants from Vietnam

・ Maintenance is difficult with new heavy machinery
・ It takes time

In Bangladesh and Vietnam where Japanese heavy machinery is used a lot

Cheap + easy to repair

For this reason, used heavy machinery is popular.

Especially popular among foreigners is the old model since 2006.

Why Japanese heavy machinery before 2006 is popular with foreigners

-Japanese heavy machinery manufactured in and after 2006 may break down if overseas fuel is used.

The fuel for heavy machinery is light oil, but the impact on the environment, such as emissions, has become a problem.
In 2006, a law was enacted to tighten regulations on exhaust gases such as heavy machinery.
This law allowed heavy machinery to be built on the premise of using environmentally friendly diesel oil.
So, using local diesel oil overseas can cause problems.

From this, heavy machinery before 2006 is very popular!


I didn't know that Japanese used heavy machinery is so high in the world
I thought that foreigners might know Japan better.
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Don Quijote new product

Warmth like a blanket for men


Passion for Coco!

Since the inner lining uses a bore, it is an inner upper and lower set featuring the warmth of a blanket.
Moisture absorption heat treatment is applied and it has elasticity, so you can spend comfortably even in cold winter.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a long-sleeved round neck type or a long-sleeved mock neck type.
Product Summary

■ Size: M, L, LL, 3L
■ Color: Black
■ Vertical type: long sleeve round neck + long spats, long sleeve mock neck + long spats
■ Composition:
Upper garment, lower garment / 95% polyester, 5% polyurethane
Underwear waist part / polyester
■ Country of origin: China
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Don Quijote new product

MEGA wallet


Passion for Coco!

Not only can you store a total of 14 cards, but you can also store smartphones and passports.
It is a two-layer type, divided into a banknote, coin and card storage layer and a smartphone pocket, pen holder and key chain layer.
In addition, it has a handle and is easy to hold.
Product Summary

Type: Smooth, Saffiano, Carbon style
Composition: Synthetic leather
Country of origin: China
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Don Quijote new product

3 outlet power + USB charging Composite power strip


Passion for Coco!

This is a combined power strip with a USB charging port that supports quick charging * with 3 outlets for household use and a total output of up to 3.4A.
While using an outlet, you can charge your smartphone or music player by connecting your charging cable to the USB port.
In addition, since the plug is 180 degree rotation, it is convenient to carry!

Because it supports fast charging *, it can be charged quickly in case of emergency, and it has a lightning guard that protects connected devices from lightning surge (transient abnormal high voltage caused by lightning). In addition, smartphones and tablets can be automatically identified and quickly charged with optimal power.

* Charge your smartphone or tablet at 5V with the charge level near the upper limit.
Product Summary

■ Model number: SW3A2U-34A-WH
■ Color: White
■ Body size (approx.): Width 4.0 x Height 9.0 x Depth 3.05 (cm) * Excluding plug
■ Weight (approx.): 85g
■ Rated input: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) /0.4A maximum
■ Country of origin: China

[USB port]
■ Rated output: DC5V / 3.4A (total)
■ USB connector: A type
■ Number of ports: 2 ports

[Outlet outlet]
■ Inlet: Up to 1400W
■ Number of outlets: 3

[Lightning surge reduction parts (built-in)]
■ Maximum surge voltage: 6000V
■ Limited voltage: 400V

Indoor use only
For domestic use only
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Don Quijote new product

DVD projector


Passion for Coco!
A multi-function projector equipped with a DVD player capable of projecting large screens up to 150 inches.
Because it supports projection in a wide range of sizes from 30 inches to 150 inches, it can be used for both business and home situations.

The input terminal is compatible with microSD memory card and USB memory, as well as HDMI, which can send video and audio in a single cable, allowing projection from various devices.
In addition, because it supports Bluetooth®, audio output from Bluetooth® compatible speakers and earphones is also possible.
In addition, the focus and keystone correction can be easily operated manually, and by using an LED lamp, the lamp can be used for a long time of about 20,000 hours, making it a product that even projector beginners can easily try. .
Product Summary

■ Product Name: DVD projector
■ Model number: TSP-302-WH
■ Color: White
■ Resolution (aspect ratio): 800 x 480 (4: 3), 1920 x 1080 (supported by 16: 9 compression display)
■ Brightness: 35ANSI (2800 lumens)
■ Contrast ratio: 510: 1
■ Lamp life (approx.): 20,000 hours (LED)
■ Power consumption (approx.): 45W
■ Screen size: 30-150 inches
■ Projection distance (approx.): 1.0-4.2m
■ Speaker output: 2W × 2
■ Bluetooth Ⓡ version: 4.2
■ Interface: USB, microSD, AV, VGA, HDMI × 2, 3.5mm audio output
■ Supported discs: DVD video, music CD, CD-R / RW / ROM
■ Supported files: Video, still image, audio
■ Driving sound: 29dB
■ Focus / Keystone correction: Manual
■ Body size (approx.): W203 x D161 x H95 (mm)
■ Body mass (approx.): 1.1kg
■ Accessories: Remote control, AV cable (approx. 1.2m), AC adapter (cable length approx. 1.5m), AAA battery x 2 (for operation check), lens cap, tripod, instruction manual / warranty card (warranty period 1 (Year)
■ Country of origin: China
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Don Quijote new product

Electronic comic reader


Passion for Coco!
An Android tablet suitable for reading electronic comics and magazines with a 4: 3 ratio display that is similar to the “silver ratio” used in comic books and magazines.
Because it is almost the same size as the new book comics, you can read electronic comics without scrolling as if you were reading a real book, and feel no stress.

Blue light cut processing is applied, so it's easy on the eyes and safe to use for a long time.
It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connections, so you can enjoy music and videos.
Product Summary

■ Model number: YMR8-DS
■ Color: Dark Silver
■ CPU: MTK8163 Quad core 64bit (1.3GHz)
■ OS: Android ™ 8.1.0
■ Display:
Size / 7.85 inches (Aspect ratio 4: 3) Width 12cm x Height 16.1cm
High saturation liquid crystal / electrostatic type
Resolution / 768 x 1024
■ Memory:
■ External memory: microSD card (supports up to 64GB)
■ Wi-Fi: 802.11b / g / n
■ Bluetooth®: Version 4.0
■ GPS: Compatible
■ Acceleration sensor: Supported
■ Camera:
Front / 2 million pixels
Back / 5 million pixels
■ External dimensions (approx.): Horizontal 137.2 x Vertical 195.7 x Thickness 9.1 (mm)
■ Weight (approx.): 335 (g)
■ Battery: Lithium polymer 3.7V / 3,500mAh
■ Usage time (approx.): 7 hours
■ Charging time (approx.): 3.5 hours
■ Interface: 3.5mm earphone terminal, microUSB terminal, microHDMI terminal, microSD card slot
■ Accessories: microUSB cable, AC adapter (specified voltage 5V), quick guide, warranty card, instruction manual
■ Country of origin: China
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Don Quijote new product

Featured products

Passion Price PLUS 4K Video Camera DV-AC3-BK


Passion for Coco!
This is a 4K high-definition video camera that allows you to display the recorded video on a large screen or enjoy it as a photo.

A CMOS image sensor made by SONY is installed to suppress white noise generated during high-sensitivity shooting.

The built-in Wi-Fi makes it possible to transfer and save images by directly communicating with a smartphone, and it is about 380 g (*), which is a light 4K-compatible video camera. Can be used without burden.

In addition, camera shake during shooting can be reduced by attaching the stabilizer (handle) included with the camera.
In addition, since three batteries are included, you can shoot for a long time.

* The weight does not include the battery.
Product Summary

■ Model number: DV-AC3-BK
■ Product Color: Black
■ Image sensor: SONY CMOS 13M pixel sensor (up to 30M pixel software correction possible)
■ Memory: SD card (up to 256GB)
■ Sensitivity: Auto, ISO100, ISO200, ISO400
■ Lens: Fixed Lens F / 2.2, f = 4.88mm
■ Shooting distance: 1.0m to ∞
■ Still image:
Format / JPEG
Resolution / VGA, 2MHD, 3M, 5M, 7MHD, 10M, 13M, 16M, 20M, 24M, 30M
■ Video:
Format / MP4 AVC / H.264
UHD (4K) | Recording 2880 × 2160 4: 3 (24fps), Playback 3840 × 2160 16: 9 (24fps)
QHD | 2560 × 1440 (30fps)
FHD | 1920 × 1080 (60fps)
HD | 1280 × 720 (120fps)
VGA | 640 × 480 (30fps)
■ Zoom: 30X digital zoom
■ Wi-Fi: Supported
■ External microphone: Supported
■ Remote control: Compatible
■ Darkness (IR light): <1.0m Still image on / off Video on / off
■ White balance: Auto, clear, cloudy, fluorescent, light bulb
■ Color: Standard, Sepia, Monochrome, Bibit
■ Exposure: -3.0EV to + 3.0EV
■ Photometry: Uniform, Center-weighted, Spot
■ Self-timer: Off, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds
■ Image stabilization: Supported
■ Auto-off: None, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes
■ LCD screen: 3.1 inch touch panel
■ HD output: HDMI
■ Language: Multi-language support
■ Lens width: 37mm standard lens (other lenses can be attached)
■ Power supply: Lithium ion battery NP-120
■ Body dimensions (approx.): Width 60 x Depth 130 x Height 70mm (150mm when opening the LCD panel)
■ Weight (approx.):
With battery / 420g
No battery / 380g
■ Accessories: Carry bag, remote control, lens cover, HDMI cable, miniUSB cable (for main unit), microUSB cable (for charger), charger, AC adapter for charging,
Battery (NP-120) x3, Stabilizer (handle), instruction manual, warranty card
■ Country of origin: China
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Don Quijote new product

Hot recommendation

Drive recorder with 360 ° camera


Product Summary

Product Name Passion Price PLUS 360 ° Camera Drive Recorder
Model number DVR360K97-BK
2 million effective pixels
Monitor size 3 inches IPS
Resolution (video) 1440 * 1440
Video storage format H.264 @ 1080p 27fps
Resolution (still image) 2M (JPG)
Lens 6 lenses F1.8
Angle of view Forward 170 ° Down 360 °
Impact detection 3-way 3D impact sensor
Power input terminal Micro USB
Supported memory card Micro SD card
32GB class10 recommended
Power input 5V / 1A
(Cigar plug power cable)
Operating temperature -10 ~ 65 °
Storage temperature -20 ~ 75 °
Body size Approx.W93 (mm) x D31 (mm) x H63 (mm)
Weight approx. 105 g, approx. 11 g bracket
Built-in battery Lithium polymer
Capacity 300mAh
Parking monitoring time Approx. 24 hours (When the vehicle is stopped, the main unit is fully charged, and it is a guideline time under the condition of a room temperature 20 ° shock detection start once)
Shooting mode Wide angle mode, spherical mode, front & back mode, multi-window mode
Features (1) LED signal support Shooting at 27 frames / second, the LED signal is displayed no matter where you shoot.
(2) Digital terrestrial support: A noise prevention function is added not only to the main body but also to the cigar cable.
③Improves performance such as video quality by using the CPU used in tablets.
Accessories ① Body ② USB cable for charging ③ Power cigarette cable (approx. 3.5m) ④ Bracket (tape type) ⑤ Instruction manual

Product image
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Don Quijote new product

Hot recommendation
Passion price MUGA stoic PC2



Full HD screen with high-definition IPS panel with wide viewing angle and easy office work
With the addition of WPS Office, which is highly compatible with Microsoft Office, we will respond to the increase in the main memory, which has been requested by customers, and double the previous model from 2GB to 4GB, so you can enjoy more comfortable video viewing. Made it possible.
In addition, the supported capacity of the microSD slot has been improved from the previous 64GB to a maximum of 128GB, enabling large-capacity data storage.

Product Summary

Product name passion price MUGA stoic PC2
Model number KNW14FHD2-SR
Processor Intel®ATOM ™ x5-Z8350 (Cherry Trail)
Processor speed 1.44GHz / up to 1.92GHz
System memory LPDDR3 4GB (Cannot be added or changed)
Interface USB3.0 × 1 / USB2.0 × 1
Mini HDMI × 1
microSD slot x 1 (up to 128GB)
3.5mm headset jack (audio output + microphone input) x 1
Weight about 1,200g
OS Windows 10 Home 64bit
Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) IEEE802.11b / g / n
Communication Bluetooth®4.0
Size Width 329mm × Depth 219mm × Height 20mm (when closed)
Battery 9,800mAh 3.8V lithium polymer battery Drive time: Approximately 7 hours * 1
Storage eMMC 32GB
Display 14.1 inch IPS LCD 1,920 x 1,080 dots
Camera 300,000 pixels (in-camera)
Speaker 1W × 2
Business integration software Kingsoft WPS Office
* 1 Measured by the JEITA battery operating time measurement method.
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Don Quijote new product

Home appliance

Passion price PREMIUM Flannel electric blanket "Supreme warmth"


Passion for Coco!
-Launched sequentially from Don Quijote affiliated stores nationwide (except some stores) from Friday, November 15, 2019-

Launched as a Don Quixote private brand [Passion Price Premium] * 1 Two-sheet electric blanket "Supreme Warmth" * 2 jointly planned with Nishikawa, a long-established bedding and bedding company that has been in business for over 450 years.

“Supreme Warmth”, which uses Nishikawa's abundant material knowledge, technology and know-how, is the highest grade in both the feel and specifications in the history of passion prices.

Using light and soft flannel material supervised by Nishikawa on both sides, it is finished in a firm and thick electric blanket that feels comfortable, so it feels warm enough as an ordinary blanket receive.

In addition, it is equipped with a program timer to avoid “hot and hard to sleep” while sleeping and to obtain comfortable sleep and wake-up * 3.
When the timer switch on the attached controller is pressed, the timer LED lights up and warms for 2 hours, then stops warming for 4 hours, and then warms for 2 hours.

In addition, in consideration of safety during continuous use, an automatic timer that turns off 12 hours after the power is turned on is also installed.

In addition, the main body (blanket) can be washed * 4 and used cleanly.

* 1 Blanket material for this product will be provided by Nishikawa Corporation.
* 2 Manufacture of this product will be Yamazen Co., Ltd.
* 3 Developed by manufacturer Yamazen Co., Ltd.
* 4 Refer to the instruction manual for details.
Product Summary

■ Model number: JPNK-PF40
■ Rated voltage: AC 100V-50 / 60Hz
■ Rated power consumption: 75W
■ Size (approx.):
Vertical 188 x Horizontal 130 (cm) Single size
Power supply side / Length 1.96m
Body side / Length 1.7m
■ Blanket material:
Surface / 100% polyester
Back side / 100% polyester
Heat generation cloth / 100% polyester
■ Temperature control: Strong, suitable temperature, weak
■ Surface temperature (approx.) * 1: Strong 53 ℃, suitable temperature 33 ℃, weak 21 ℃
■ Electricity bill (approx) / per hour * 2: Strong 1.5 yen, Optimal temperature 0.8 yen, Weak 0.4 yen
■ Power consumption (approx.) * 3: Strong 57Wh, suitable temperature 30Wh, weak 13Wh
■ Accessories: Instruction manual (with warranty)
■ Country of origin: Indonesia

* 1: Temperature measured based on the JIS C 9210 normal temperature test method.
* 2: Calculated as 1KWh = 27 yen for the average power consumption when operating for 5 hours in cotton futon at room temperature 15 ° C.
* 3: Value measured based on the measurement method of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.
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Don Quijote new product

Home appliance



Passion for Coco!
A liquid crystal integrated PC with a 21.5-inch full HD matte IPS panel.
With full HD resolution, even small text can be clearly displayed, and details of photos and videos can be clearly displayed.
In addition, it has a non-glossy IPS panel, which not only suppresses the reflection of outside light, but also displays beautiful images from every angle with high color reproducibility and wide viewing angle.

In addition, because it supports HDMI input terminal, it can be used as a liquid crystal monitor by connecting to home game consoles or BD recorders, and it is also highly compatible with Microsoft Office word processor, spreadsheet, presentation 3 Because it is equipped with Kingsoft WPS Office with a set of two software, it can be used for business.

In addition, because it supports the expansion of HDD / SSD (7mm thickness 2.5 inch SATA connection) up to 2TB, it can save data such as a large number of photos and videos, and microSD card slot (supports up to 128GB) It also has.
Product Summary

■ Model number: KAD215AIO-BK
■ Color: Black
■ Processor: AMD A4-7210
■ Graphics performance: AMD Radeon ™ R3 Graphics
■ LAN: 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T compatible
■ Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi): IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac
■ Communication: Bluetooth®4.2
■ Acquired standard: Technical conformity / PSE
■ OS: Windows10 Home 64bit (S mode at factory shipment)
■ System memory: DDR3 4GB (cannot be added or changed)
■ Storage: eMMC 64GB (can be expanded)
■ Display: 21.5 inches, matte IPS liquid crystal, resolution 1,920 x 1,080 dots (full HD)
■ Speaker: 2W x 2
■ Mouse: 3 button optical USB wired mouse
■ Keyboard: 109-key Japanese keyboard
■ Interface:
USB3.0 × 2 / USB2.0 × 3
HDMI input (HDCP1.4 compatible) x 1
microSD card slot x 1 (up to 128GB)
HDD / SSD expansion slot x 1 (supports 7mm thick 2.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD up to 2TB)
LAN (RJ45) connector x 1
3.5mm headphone jack x 1
3.5mm microphone jack x 1
■ Size (approx.): Width 495 x height 372 x depth 139 (mm) * including stand
■ Weight (approx.): 2,600 (g)
■ Business integration software: Kingsoft WPS Office Standard Edition
■ Accessories: AC adapter set (code length / 1.5m + 1.2m), stand set (including 3 mounting screws and cover), mouse (code length / 1.2m), keyboard (code length / 1.3m), SSD / Set of mounting brackets for HDD (including 6 mounting screws, 2 brackets and 2 screws are already mounted on the main unit), warranty card, instruction manual, WPS Office license card
■ Country of origin: China
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Don Quijote new product

Cleaning laundry

Folding square bucket 7.5L


Passion for Coco!
A foldable square bucket that can be stored compactly.
Because it does not take up space for storage, it can be used for outdoor cleaning as well as for cleaning.
Product Summary

■ Size (approx.):
When used / 31.5 x 31.3 x 24.5 (cm)
When stored / 31.5 × 31.3 × 5.3 (cm)
■ Material:
Body / thermoplastic elastomer
Handle, frame, bottom / polypropylene
■ Cold-resistant temperature: -20 degrees
■ Appropriate capacity: 7.5ℓ
■ Country of origin: China
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