3 outlet power + USB charging Composite power strip


Passion for Coco!

This is a combined power strip with a USB charging port that supports quick charging * with 3 outlets for household use and a total output of up to 3.4A.
While using an outlet, you can charge your smartphone or music player by connecting your charging cable to the USB port.
In addition, since the plug is 180 degree rotation, it is convenient to carry!

Because it supports fast charging *, it can be charged quickly in case of emergency, and it has a lightning guard that protects connected devices from lightning surge (transient abnormal high voltage caused by lightning). In addition, smartphones and tablets can be automatically identified and quickly charged with optimal power.

* Charge your smartphone or tablet at 5V with the charge level near the upper limit.
Product Summary

■ Model number: SW3A2U-34A-WH
■ Color: White
■ Body size (approx.): Width 4.0 x Height 9.0 x Depth 3.05 (cm) * Excluding plug
■ Weight (approx.): 85g
■ Rated input: AC100V (50 / 60Hz) /0.4A maximum
■ Country of origin: China

[USB port]
■ Rated output: DC5V / 3.4A (total)
■ USB connector: A type
■ Number of ports: 2 ports

[Outlet outlet]
■ Inlet: Up to 1400W
■ Number of outlets: 3

[Lightning surge reduction parts (built-in)]
■ Maximum surge voltage: 6000V
■ Limited voltage: 400V

Indoor use only
For domestic use only