Go to Osaka to eat "crabs"!

Speaking of crabs, there are fishing grounds on the Sea of Japan and Hokkaido. But is the Osaka people's love for crab food perhaps the best in Japan? ! So, there are many crab restaurants in Osaka, and many people are enjoying crab dishes.
This time, we will introduce recommended shops according to the scene from Osaka where you love crabs.

Why did crab dishes spread in Osaka?
It is said that the Osaka crab enthusiasts began with the crab specialty “Kanisuki”, a famous crab specialty store in Japan, by creating a large crab signboard.

Osaka, which was not far from Tottori, Hyogo, Kyoto where Matsuba crabs were landed, and Fukui, which is a fishing ground for Echizen crabs, was also a land where it was easy to secure crabs.
A seafood specialty store, the predecessor of “Kani Doraku”, opened there. While the number of customers was sluggish at the beginning, the founders came up with “Kanisuki”, a boiled crab with soup and vegetables.
Also, in order to be able to eat this “Kanisuki” all year round, a technology for freezing crab crab has been developed.

Kanisuki, which was a groundbreaking way to eat crabs at that time, quickly grabbed the hearts of the people of Osaka, known as the “city of eating,” and is the city where crab food culture is the most rooted in Japan. It became.

Synonymous with “Osaka Crab” “Kani Doraku Dotonbori Main Store”
If you want to eat with your family and friends with a crab, dodaku is the best.

A well-established course that takes root in the crab culture in Osaka, such as a course that pours the crisp crab soaked in the secret white soy sauce and a banquet for all the crab dishes from appetizers to the main dish. Please taste.
Kanisuki Course

Crab seat
There are stores in Osaka Prefecture, such as Umeda and Shinsaibashi, so take a look at the nearest store from the tourist spot.

"Kani Doraku Dotonbori Main Store"
Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuo-ku Dotonbori 1-6-18

11: 00-23: 00 (LO22: 00)
Open all day

Eat and stay after playing! “Hyatt Regency Osaka Club Carnival”

I enjoy sightseeing and activities for a long time, and I want to relax on my bed as soon as I eat my stomach. If you love greedy travel, we recommend a dinner buffet at a hotel with good access to USJ and Kaiyukan.

A delicious pile of crab that can be eaten as it is is prepared with a variety of sauces that you can continue to eat without getting tired.

In addition to the “Singapore Chile Club” where chefs from India have used their skills, a variety of crab salads and soups can be arranged to enjoy various crab arrangements. Why don't you make a reservation for accommodation and dinner?

“Hyatt Regency Osaka Club Carnival”
* Limited to March 31, 2018 (Saturday)
1-13-11 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka Hyatt Regency Osaka 1F "The Cafe"
(club carnival online reservation site)
17: 30-21: 00 (Friday, Saturday, the day before holidays until 21:30)
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
5,100 yen for adults, 2,550 yen for children / all-you-can-drink soft drinks +800 yen / all-you-can-drink alcohol +2,200 yen
Reasonable B-class gourmet discovery at Kuromon Market! "Kushi Makoto" soft shell club burger

If you want to eat reasonable and interesting crab dishes, go to Osaka's kitchen Kuromon Market.
Have you ever seen a freshly crab crab? Crabs that have just come out of their shells are soft enough to be eaten. A soft shell club burger that is fried and sandwiched between buns looks great! Shiba pickles made by soaking eggplant and cucumber with red shiso and salt, and a pink sauce that mixes tartar sauce are also excellent. Some of them are fried only for soft shell clubs.
011.jpg"Makoto Kushi"
2-2-17 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

9: 00-18: 00
Irregular holidays

Hokuriku Echizen Hareya Villa is intoxicated with high-quality crab dishes and night views

If you want to enjoy a calm adult crab dinner, this shop in Kitashinchi is recommended.

* The photo is an image of the course content.
This restaurant offers seasonal dishes from the Hokuriku region, which has many high-quality crab fishing grounds. Eat crab-style kaiseki cuisine such as the 35,000 yen Echizen crab course and the 25,000 yen brand live snow crab course. can do.

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What kind of fish is puffer fish?


What kind of fish is puffer fish?
Among the many fish, the puffer fish has a special presence for the Japanese. The way of eating is the same as many other fish, such as sashimi, hot pot, fried food, etc., but when you go to eat it is expressed as “going to eat fish” instead of “going to eat fish” It is. It may be because it is known as a high-class fish, and there are high thresholds and unusual images of eating pufferfish, such as entertainment and special meetings. Around Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is known as the home of puffer fish, it is called “fuku” instead of “puffer fish”. It has been positioned as a special fish as an ingredient for Halle's Day, such as being promoted over the “fortune” of happiness.

In this way, pufferfish is a prized in Japan, but it seems that there are many countries that are surprised by eating pufferfish because they have poison in their bodies. Even in Japan, as it has long been praised as "Fugu eats and life is jealous", for the deadly poison combined with the deliciousness, Toyotomi Hideyoshi has issued the "Fugu ban" Edo period From 1603 to 1868, until the end of Meiji 21 (1888), it was generally prohibited to eat, and very strict controls were carried out.

It has been 130 years since the pufferfish was lifted in Shimonoseki. While maintaining a high-class image, puffer fish can be enjoyed at a more reasonable price than before. Since it contains a lot of collagen, it is low in calories and high in protein, it is also attracting attention in terms of health. How has it been provided safely in Japan and attracted people? Let me introduce the charm of puffer fish that is not yet known in general.

What is a puffer fish? What kind
Kitaoji Hiyamato (* 1), known as a gastronomic artist, listed as “the most delicious food in Japan”.
What kind of fish is the puffer fish that has been inspiring gastrators since ancient times?
The season of puffer fish is said to be winter, but now that it has been distributed to the market year-round due to advances in aquaculture technology, it has become more familiar than before.
The thing that comes to mind with pufferfish is the “Trafugu”, a beautifully made puffer fish sashimi.
However, in fact, it is said that there are about 100 types of pufferfish in the world, and the sunfish and kawahagi that are familiar in the aquarium are also pufferfish.
There are about 50 species in the waters near Japan, 22 of which are permitted for consumption in Japan.

(1 *) Kitaoji Hiyamato: An artist who worked from Meiji to Showa. Its activities range from engraving, sculpture, calligraphy, painting, lacquering, cooking, etc.

However, pufferfish contains a poison called “tetrodotoxin” in the body, which further restricts whether or not it can be eaten depending on the landing site and site. The pufferfish eats three parts: the body (muscle), the skin, and the white child (testis). Domestic natural), pufferfish (domestic natural), etc. are used (the type may vary depending on the region).

Troughfish's natural products are known as the finest so-called “Fugu King”. Maafugu is softer than the tiger puffer, and is the second most popular after the tiger puffer. In Sakai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, it has been branded as “Tatsumi no Shin Fugu”, and its price is much lower than that of trough puffer fish. Higanfugu is named because it is often caught around the spring bank (mid to late March). Sesame puffer fish are often caught from Shimane in the northern part of the Sea of ​​Japan, and shosaifugu have been eaten in pots in the Kanto region.

Is it okay to eat puffer fish?
Blowfish is unlike other fish, have internal organs, skin, blood, a deadly poison called "tetrodotoxin" such as muscle. From the meaning of "hit After the die = gun (gun)" for this purpose, by omitting the "sashimi of guns" came to be called "Te' Is the" (puffer fish pot "Tetchiri" Is an abbreviation for “Teppo no Dori Pan”. Because it is a puffer fish that has such a poison, not everyone can cook it. For this reason, the types and parts of puffer fish that can be edible are determined as described above, and if you do not have special qualifications, you cannot cook and offer them.

There is no uniform national qualification for handling puffer fish, but only "Fugu cooks" who have obtained a license in the Fugu cook test conducted by the prefectural governor based on the "Fugu regulations" can cook (detoxify). you. Let's take a look at what kind of exams you can obtain a license by referring to the case of Tokyo.

Take the exam of "fugu chef" is, that they first have a cooking teacher license, is it a condition that is engaged in the handling of more than two years puffer fish in those of the original with the qualification of fugu chef. There are two types of tests: a departmental test and a practical test. They are used to identify the type of pufferfish, to distinguish between parts that can be eaten and parts that cannot be eaten, and to cook after removing toxic parts. But not only to remove the poisonous part, it is a challenge not likely able to pass and not knows Blowfish itself. The method for obtaining this Fugu cook license varies depending on the prefecture, but with such efforts, the history of the Fugu ban is 130 years.

The puffer fish is what kind of taste?

Puffer fish, only (muscle), skin, three sites of soft roe (testis) will be eaten.
Is there a creative cuisine at each restaurant, but here we introduce the center of the traditional way of eating.

Sashimi at-thin build
Tempura and fried
・ Speak
・ In the pan, put rice to tighten and cook
You taste in the way of eating that.

The symbol of the puffer fish dish is the puffer fish sashimi that is laid out like petals on a large plate. A traditional one that was likened to the petals such as "Kikuzakari" and "peony prime", attract thinly only about crystal clear is the pattern of the dish, Ready-To-Eat artistic. When eating, it is recommended that you grab and taste 2 to 3 slices together with chopsticks instead of elegant ones. The pufferfish itself is a very pale and crunchy fish, so if you chew it well with the condiments (ponzu vinegar, maple grated, green onion, salt, etc.), you can feel the umami component and enjoy its reverberation. is.
Kitaojirosanjin is, but we like the puffer fish as Japan's most delicious in the food, but as has been the spirit of the expression "a taste immeasurable charm lurking in a place you do not know". It seems that some people shy away from saying that “Pufferfish is high but light,” but try to squeeze it into two or three slices of ponzu, taste it slowly, and experience its taste and depth.

Tempura and fried chicken are easy to eat because there are no small bones, and you can enjoy the fluffy texture unique to white fish. You can feel the taste of puffer fish by cooking with a light taste.

The deliciousness of the soup stock is doubled by adding Ara to the hot pot that appears at the end of the pufferfish course. I was about to loose around the bone, firmly taste to only you and I Puru, until the last drop of flavor that melted from the body and Ara, let's fun soaked in rice porridge.

Take the skin with hot water and cut into small pieces. This is also often combined with ponzu sauce, but the skin is not from that it contains abundant low-calorie after marine collagen, is attracting attention in the beauty surface, such as anti-aging. You can enjoy a crispy texture.

The puffer fish is what kind of taste?
Shirako is characterized by a thick and meltable touch. Simmered in sashimi, charcoal grill, pot.

There are three parts that can be eaten, but there is another way to enjoy Japanese sake lovers. “Hire sake”. In addition to hot sake, cold fillet is also popular recently.
In the case of hot bonito, roast the dried trough puffer fins in an amber color and pour the hot bonito (warmed sake) there. The umami ingredients melt and the unique flavor moves to liquor. It is recommended to drink with the puffer fish.

How much is puffer to eat? How much does it cost for one dish?

A puffer fish with a strong image of high-quality fish. I want to enjoy it. However, I am worried about the price. It depends on the cooking method, such as sashimi, deep-fried chicken, and hot pot, the type of puffer fish used, whether it is natural or farmed, and the location of the store. Depending on the store, "Shirako is the current price", but the following (all for one serving) price will be a guide to some extent (the amount of serving is different for each store, the price may also vary) .
・ Sashimi (cultured) 1,500 yen
・ Chill pan about 2,500 yen
・ About 1,500 yen
・ Shirako around 2,000 yen
If you eat all of them, it will be a reasonable amount of money (I would like to taste sake together), but there are also shops that offer single items that are relatively reasonable for lunch menus such as tempura and fried chicken.
This is where you can eat puffer fish

Fugu was born with extreme poisonousness, but once I knew my approach to safety, I would like to enjoy the “taste of magic”.

Photogenic puffer fish sashimi
"Ginza Fukutaro"

“Fukutaro” in Kitakyushu, a pioneer of fugu food delivery, opened in Ginza in 2012 as an antenna shop. You can enjoy the puffer fish directly from Kitakyushu throughout the year. Here is a photogenic puffer fish sashimi that you want to experience. The “Ryu-Sai”, which is full of power, the “Tsurumi” that flies elegantly, and the “Mount Fuji”, which is moist, is artistic enough to hesitate to wear chopsticks, and is perfect for a celebratory seat. In addition to two types of natural tiger fugu courses (50,000 yen for two people, 40,000 yen for two people), two types of farmed tiger fugu courses (13,000 yen for one person, 10,000 yen), there are also fun courses where you can eat and compare natural and cultured two types of sashimi. At lunch, we offer course meals of 3,900 yen, where you can enjoy the various flavors of puffer fish little by little. There are also a la carte menus that you can only taste at this restaurant, such as red and white tofu fukumaimai, which contains plenty of collagen, and tofufu rice.
The Tonohime Princess Torafugu Course, which is made from Torafugu sashimi. The appearance of dancing in the blue sky is graceful. Savor it with the Shirako sauce. 13,000 servings of trufflefish pickled, fugu-mochi, tiger fugu skin, tiger sashimi sashimi, fugu roasted, grilled tiger fugu shirako, taro fugu red and white cucumber, fried tiger fugu, taro fugu hot pot (or shabu shabu), rice cooked (or taro fugu udon), pickles, sweet Yen (excluding tax). Can be ordered from one person. Make a reservation 2 hours before the day (photo is for one person).
The calm interior of Japanese modern. Fugu is usually used by male customers for corporate reasons, but it seems to be used by female customers.

"Ginza Fukutaro"
● 5-5-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo West Fifth Avenue Sakaguchi Building B1F
12: 00-15: 00/17: 00-22: 00
● Closed on Sundays and holidays
● 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station

Next to Tsukiji Market. Abundant à la carte menu
"Tenji Tenten"

A shop in front of the Tsukiji market, which has become popular as a kitchen in Tokyo, and Kachidoki Bridge over the Sumida River. The first tempura shop opened in the Meiji period (1868-1912).
Mr. Hamada, the master, is keen on the volume of the pot as well as the taste, as he wants to provide high-quality food, pufferfish, as little as possible.
In addition to familiar items such as tiger fugu sashimi, there is an a la carte menu that you will want to eat just by looking at fugutsuneyaki or fugu sushi.
Fugu nuggets in summer. For foreigners, fugu sashimi and fried chicken are popular for a la carte, and Tsukiji course is popular for course cuisine. There is Fugu Tengu at lunch time, but you can also order Fugu course.
There are seats on the 1st to 5th floors. Besides table seats and Japanese-style rooms, there are also Japanese-style and Western-style private rooms that are convenient to choose according to the number of people and purpose.

Tiger puffer sashimi arranged beautifully on a chrysanthemum. 3,900 yen per person (excluding tax). (Photo is for 3 people)
Fluffy fried fugu tempura 1,600 yen (excluding tax)

The Tsukiji course includes fugu vinegar, tiger fugu sashimi, fugu salad, fuguchiri, and a set of rice dishes. 6,190 yen per person (excluding tax). Orderable from 2 people (photos are for 2 people)

The 7-volume Tenchu ​​course where you can eat pufferfish is through (3 items), fugu skin sashimi, tiger puffer sashimi, fried from pufferfish, tiger pufferfish, miscellaneous cooking set, dessert. 12,857 yen per person (excluding tax). Orders available from one person (photos are for one person)

"Tsukiji Tenku"
Chuo-ku Tsukiji 6-16-6
Closed on Sundays from March 1 to the end of October. There are also GW and summer vacation.
11: 30-14: 30 (L.O.13: 30) / 16: 30-22: 00 (L.O.21: 30)
No holidays from November to the end of February (except from December 31 to January 4)
11: 30-22: 00 (L.O.21: 30)
Private rooms can be booked from 4 people to 12,000 yen per person (excluding tax)
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, 7 minutes on foot from Tsukiji Station, or Toei Oedo Line, 10 minutes on foot from Kachidoki Station

Plump, pre-prepared, savory baked pufferfish
“Nakameguro Dream Gun”

“Yakifugu” is a pioneering idea of ​​Yume Gun, a way of eating that overturns the image of traditional puffer fish. Boil the pufferfish on the net like a yakiniku. Fresh trough puffer that can be eaten raw is savory and savory, with a supple texture. Four kinds of seasoning are prepared: salt, garlic, sauce and kejang (select 3 as you like).
Originating in the dream gun, this style has become very popular since it first appeared in Osaka 29 years ago. The Nakameguro store was finally opened in Tokyo last year as the fifth property after Osaka and Kanazawa. The course menu and à la carte are basically the same in all stores, but at the Nakameguro store, an exclusive sommelier selects wine that matches the blowfish dishes.
You can enjoy pairing “Fugu cuisine and Italian wine”.

Grilled blowfish. Upper body 3,700 yen (excluding tax). It is recommended to have a course meal that you can enjoy popular gem dishes together.

Popular dream course limited to Nakameguro store.
Topping, pufferfish, puffer fin soup, grilled pufferfish (upper and tofu), salad (free to change), deep-fried pufferfish, pickled pufferfish, dessert.
9,800 yen per person (excluding tax). Orders can be ordered from one person (photo is for 2 people)
The pufferfish is chopped raw and wrapped in Chinese cabbage with ponzu.
Refreshing taste and texture when baked with crispy Chinese cabbage
Meguro store with a hidden atmosphere. There are table seats, counter seats, and private rooms in the stylish store.
A private room in the Nakameguro store where you can relax and enjoy the relaxing sofa seats. It's good for a date
Nakameguro store counter seats. Seating comfortably and comfortably seated

"Nakameguro Dream Gun"
● 1-25-13 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo Grand Duo Nakameguro B1F
● 03-5725-0229
● 17: 30-24: 00 (L.O.22: 30)
● Closed on Sundays and holidays
● 8 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Tokyu Nakameguro Station

"Yakifugu Yume Gun (Uehonmachi Main Store)"
● Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Tennoji-ku Kobashicho 12-15 Evergreen Uehonmachi 1F
● 06-6767-3301
● 17: 00-24: 00 (L.O.22: 30)
Irregular holidays
● 7 minutes from Osaka Uehonmachi Station on the Kintetsu Osaka Line / 7 minutes from Tsuruhashi Station on the Osaka Loop Line

"Yakifugu Yume Gun (Kitashinchi)"
● Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Kita-ku Dojima 1-4-7 Dohama Annex Building 1F
● 17: 30-23: 30 (L.O.22: 00)
● Closed on Sundays and holidays
● 5 minutes from Kitashinchi Station on the JR Tozai Line
Summary of puffer fish

A puffer fish that is high-class, out of reach, and often toxic and dangerous. Has that image changed?
Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which is the ban of puffer fish, has the “Hafari Market”, the only puffer fish market in Japan, and boasts the highest puffer handling volume in Japan. When the puffer season starts in September every year, the state of the puffer fish collected from all over the country is reported in the news. The puffer season has come again this year. The puffer fish that can be enjoyed all year round, how about enjoying the unique flavor of the season?

(Cooperation about Fugu: International Fugu Association)
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A Japanese restaurant is a maid cafe! I will teach you how to enjoy the food there!

What do you think of Akihabara? Is it manga, anime, comics or cosplay? *

For me it feels like a virtual world of games. Here you will not be surprised if anything appears. In recent years, various styles of cafes have been born like a strawberry after the rain, but this shop is neither for literary youth nor industrial style cafes. Each has its own style, but the most representative is a maid cafe with a clerk wearing a cute maid-like costume.

Akihabara, the birthplace of maid cafes, has different settings and styles even in the same maid cafe. Different tastes such as anime and historical are linked, and you can choose different cafes according to your personal taste.

I was tired when I went to Akihabara and bought electrical appliances, and I was looking for a place to rest. I've never been to a maid cafe before, so I thought it might be recommended for everyone who travels to Japan. You can rest your feet and have a special experience!

First meal experience at a Japanese maid cafe!
There are various maid cafes, but today I would like to recommend “Meidorimin” where you can enjoy a maid café purely without being too flashy and dazzling. I visited the main store in Akihabara. It is a 5-7 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station, and a 3 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Suehirocho Station.
I was a little off the main street, so I was relying on my mobile phone map. When I came to the corner, a cute woman in a maid dress handed me a leaflet with a smile, and it wasn't fluent English, but I tried hard to introduce us to the store. At a glance of the leaflet, I realized that it was from the “Meidori-min” that I am going to go.

“Meidorimin” is a very famous maid cafe, and this time we visited the main store, but there are 6 other stores in Akihabara, and there are also stores in Japan and overseas.

As I walked along the alley as she guided me, I saw a normal building with no features, and I thought it might have been wrong, but I immediately saw the store sign. I went to the maid cafe for the first time and got on the elevator with some tension. Get off, take a deep breath, open a small door and enter the shop.

Japanese maid cafe is a restaurant where you can dine in a warm space full of maid's love
I felt like I passed through the gates of another world, and the atmosphere was so cute. When I opened the door, I was told, "Please come home, my master!" I wasn't used to it, so it was a bit awkward, but I felt this was a maid cafe. Let's be open when you come!
Although it is not luxuriously decorated, the cute maid is happy to respond nicely! As soon as I got to the seat, a cat ear maid came to explain.
In addition to the Japanese menu, there is also an English menu. Some maids can communicate with customers in English. If you can speak Japanese, you can talk more with the maids.
The maid who came to our seat kindly taught the greetings used in the store, how to call the maid, and special movements and shouts.

The store has a system that requires an hourly charge per person and one order. Today was just afternoon tea so I decided to eat a parfait. There is also a meal menu. For example, in the case of an omelet rice, a maid will carry a cute illustration with ketchup after hand.

Besides the normal menu, there is also a special set. In addition to food and drinks, commemorative photo and novelty with maids are included. You can also choose this option if you want a different experience.

Enjoy afternoon tea at a Japanese maid cafe
Finally the expected parfait arrived. I asked for a cute cat parfait, and after the maid brought it, there were cute gestures and shouts. According to the maid, it seems to be a shout for love. Like a cat, the ending was "Nyan". Well then, please!

The super cute parfait has a marshmallow chick on top of a vanilla iced cat's head, with pink cream and biscuits. If you eat it a little, it wo n’t collect! ◇ When you scoop the parfait, there is a banana, which goes well with chocolate sauce. Below that is cornflakes. Actually, when I eat cute things that look like this, I usually do not expect too much from the taste, even if it's normal or not so delicious. However, today's parfait not only looks good but also looks delicious. (Maybe, the reason why the cute maid just loved me was related to the taste of this parfait?)

Experience maid service and meals at a maid cafe that represents Akihabara in Japan!
How was the maid cafe introduced today? Didn't you want to experience it? Perhaps it may be embarrassing and unfamiliar at first, but you can have a strange experience that you can't really enjoy. When I went there, many foreign tourists with blonde eyes visited this shop for this cross-cultural experience. You can also make a reservation on the official website. If you have weekends such as weekends or a large number of people, you may want to make a reservation first. There are signboards in front of the store and at the corner from the station, so I think you will not get lost. If you have time in Akihabara next time you travel to Japan, please try it.

PS: Be especially careful because you can't take pictures of maids freely in the store.

"MAIDREAMIN Akihabara Main Store"
Sumiyoshi Building 6F, 3-16-17 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

5 minutes on foot from JR Akihabara Station / 1 minute on foot from Suehiro Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Weekdays (Monday-Friday) 11: 30-23: 00 / Saturday / Sunday 10: 30-23: 00
VISA and MASTER CARD are available
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