The sacred place of "Slam Dunk"! The Enoden / Kamakura High School Level Crossing is a popular photo spot for Taiwanese

Kanokura High School-mae Station

Enoden is a popular tourist route in Shonan. There is “Kamakura High School Mae Station” in the middle of the line connecting Fujisawa and Kamakura.

When you get off the platform, the blue sea of Shonan spreads out in front of you. Shichirigahama on the front, Miura Peninsula on the left, Enoshima on the right. Kamakura High School Mae Station, which is close to the sea so that you can hear the sound of waves, is one of the best scenic stations in Enoden, which was selected as one of the 100 Best Stations in Kanto.

Stations so close to the sea are rare in the Kanto area, and many people get off to see the station itself. Sitting on a bench at your home, you can also enjoy a relaxing view of the blue sea spreading out in front of you.

The pilgrimage of “Slam Dunk”! Kamakura High School Railroad Crossing is very popular with Taiwanese
In recent years, the number of Taiwanese tourists getting off at Kamakura High School Mae Station has increased rapidly. The purpose of this is “Kamakura High School Mae No. 1 Railroad Crossing”, about 100m east of the station. This small railroad crossing against the blue sea is the place that will appear in the opening scene of the anime “Slam Dunk”, which gained popularity in the 1990s!

The main character, Sakuragi Hanamichi, standing in front of a railroad crossing with a bag in hand. When Enoden passes, the heroine Haruko Akagi is across the railroad crossing. When I was a kid, Taiwanese young people in their 20s and 30s who watched the scene many times on TV visited the “Holy Land” railway crossing as if they were recalling the excitement of that time. is.

It is a classic among Taiwanese people, like the Sakuragi Hanamichi in the anime, to shoot a back view with the bag on the shoulders against the background of the railroad crossing. There are some people who wear “Slam Dunk” basketball uniforms to shoot, and you can see the seriousness of Taiwanese people.
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Used heavy equipment auction! Foreigners gather in Sanmu, Chiba

September 16, 2019 broadcast of Ariyoshi's money discovery and how foreign tourists know how to use money was introduced.

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympics next year,
Changes in the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan over the past five years
It has tripled from 10.36 million in 2013 to 31.19 million in 2018.

As a result, the amount of money foreigners spend in Japan continues to increase.
Now it is over 4,518.9 billion yen per year.

Use of money for foreign tourists

The sight of foreign tourists exploding at drugstores and home appliance mass retailers
As I often see, various genres other than souvenirs by foreigners
It seems that explosive purchases are taking place.


Used heavy equipment auction! Foreigners gather in Sanmu, Chiba

Now, foreigners are inundated in search of Japanese used heavy machinery.

Foreigners who were interviewed

And multinational.

The 2002 excavator started at 2.5 million yen and was awarded a bid of 4.7 million yen.

It was a 2005 made crane car that was awarded the highest price in this auction.

The winning bid is a surprising 24.8 million yen!

This time, 616 heavy machines were sold out and sold out in just two days.
The total amount of the successful bid is 2.2 billion yen.

If a successful bidder in Australia buys a new heavy machine for a new bid, it costs over 20 million yen
In this auction, it was said that it is advantageous because it can be bought for 2 to 3 million yen.

Also, if you came from Fiji, this trip cost about 500,000 yen
He was able to get enough money because he could buy heavy machinery cheaply.

What is Used in Japan?

Why come to Japan to buy it?

In the story of foreigners participating in the auction

・ Used in Japan

That's why.

“Used in Japan” is a term for products used in Japan.
Used in Japan itself is a brand among foreigners.

・ The machine used in Japan is well-maintained, so you can rest assured


-Heavy machinery used in Japan = good performance and well maintained

So it seems that it is quite trusted.

Why can you sell it even though it's a pretty old season?

Auction participants from Bangladesh

・ If it is the latest heavy equipment, the computer is too complicated to repair in Bangladesh

In addition, auction participants from Vietnam

・ Maintenance is difficult with new heavy machinery
・ It takes time

In Bangladesh and Vietnam where Japanese heavy machinery is used a lot

Cheap + easy to repair

For this reason, used heavy machinery is popular.

Especially popular among foreigners is the old model since 2006.

Why Japanese heavy machinery before 2006 is popular with foreigners

-Japanese heavy machinery manufactured in and after 2006 may break down if overseas fuel is used.

The fuel for heavy machinery is light oil, but the impact on the environment, such as emissions, has become a problem.
In 2006, a law was enacted to tighten regulations on exhaust gases such as heavy machinery.
This law allowed heavy machinery to be built on the premise of using environmentally friendly diesel oil.
So, using local diesel oil overseas can cause problems.

From this, heavy machinery before 2006 is very popular!


I didn't know that Japanese used heavy machinery is so high in the world
I thought that foreigners might know Japan better.
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Perfect as a souvenir! Popular traditional crafts in Okinawa

Okinawa, which is popular as a tourist destination, has been cultivating a unique culture as the “Ryukyu Kingdom” for a long time. Therefore, this time, we will introduce carefully selected traditional crafts that you want to make as souvenirs when you visit Okinawa!

1. Shisa
The “Shisar” statue that looks like a lion is a symbol of Okinawa. It is said to have an amulet effect, and may be placed on the roof or entrance, as well as on village entrances and hills. It is now said to be a happiness, and is famous as a souvenir such as figurines and key chains. In particular, Shisa made by Okinawan traditional pottery "Yachimun" is popular. In addition, at Shisa Park Ryukyu Kiln, you can make a handmade experience of Shisa without making a reservation and take it home immediately after making it.

Handmade experience fee example: 1,550 yen ~


1. Shisa
Okinawa Prefecture Nago City
Shisa Park Ryukyu Kiln Official Homepage

2. Ryukyu glass
Ryukyu Glass is an indispensable traditional craft of Okinawa. Originally made from glass bottles made of colored glass such as cola, there is a history that bubbles and thickness that were treated as defective products have been utilized as “unusual and simple design”. “Rock glass” is popular as a product. In addition, there are many glass workshops such as “Ryukyu Glass Village”, and it is a topic that you can observe the actual production site by craftsmen in a 1,300 ° C kiln. You can also make your own original glass.

Original glass making experience fee: 1,620 yen-(for elementary school students and above)

2. Ryukyu glass
169 Fukuchi, Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture
* Ryukyu Glass Village Official Homepage


3. Kumejima Island
Okinawa has long been famous for its wide variety of textiles, and it has been useful as one of the high-end souvenirs of Honshu and China in Japan. The most famous are the traditional crafts designated by the country, and the country's intangible important cultural property “Kumejima-an”. A type of silk fabric produced in Kumejima. One craftsman makes the whole production process by hand, using the raw yarn made from cotton from the bag as raw material. The silk thread that is woven while following tradition is very comfortable to wear with its supple texture and feels elegant.
3. Kumejima Island
* Authentic Kumejima Island Official Homepage (Japanese only)

4. Ryukyu lacquerware
Lacquerware (a lacquered item) produced mainly in Naha City and Okinawa City, one of the traditional crafts of the country. It has a tradition since the end of the 14th century when the influx of Chinese culture was thriving, and it is highly regarded for its excellent technique and expressiveness. The main feature is flower painting using vermilion lacquer and black lacquer. In particular, the vivid beauty of vermilion is unrivaled. Ryukyu lacquerware has a high-class and high-thought image, but in recent years, a lot of cute products such as hibiscus chopstick rests have been made at reasonable prices.

5. Distribution of Kiyoshika
Last but not least is Amami Oshima's special product “Kiyoka Kabutsu”. It is a masterpiece designated as a national traditional craft and a national important intangible cultural property. Yarn extracted from the banana pallet “Ito” is the raw material, but it is very difficult to handle due to its delicateness, and it is woven through prudent work and delicate handwork. It is characterized by its light and smooth feel and is still used regularly in summer. Main products include kimono, cushions, ties and bags.
5. Distribution of Kiyoshika
Official homepage

How about you? When sightseeing in Okinawa, you can take a look at local traditional crafts. If you find something you like, please make it a souvenir as a memory of your trip.
* Please note that the information in this article is current at the time of writing or publication, and may differ from the latest information.
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